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Welcome to PCM Student Clubs – where passions come alive! Engage in our vibrant IT Club, dive into the digital realm with coding and tech exploration. Play, connect, and compete in the Sports Club. Expand your horizons with the Knowledge Club's enlightening discussions and projects. Unleash your creativity in the Art Club and explore diverse forms of expression. Dance to your rhythm in the Dance Club, from contemporary to hip-hop. Join the harmonious melodies of the Music Club. Amplify voices and narratives in the Media and Public Relations Club. Be part of a dynamic community, where learning, growth, and connection flourish. Join us for unforgettable experiences!

Milan Kandel


7th sem BBA, [9876543456]

Sundar Chhetri


7th sem BCSIT, [9876543456]

Samrat Gurung


5th sem BCSIT, [9876543456]

Aditya Dev Prajoo

Joint Secretary

4th sem BCSIT, [9876543456]

Pratik Adhikari


7th sem BBA, [9876543456]

Kushal Shrestha

Joint Treasurer

5th sem BBA, [9876543456]


Anjali Poudel


5th sem BBA, [9876543456]

Sulav Shilpakar


4th sem BBA, [9876543456]

Ashish Dhakal

IT Media

7th sem BSCIT, [9876543456]

Sarala Koirala

Social Event

5th sem BBA, [9876543456]

Binisha Gurung

Art , Music & Dance

4th sem BBA, [9876543456]

Student Clubs