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About PCM

Dear Prospective Students,

Thank you for considering

PCM as your choice.

The revolutionary developments in the information technology in the last two decades have brought unprecedented changes in the business world. The world is coming closer, raising opportunities for greater market access and. in the meantime, posing challenges for being innovative in order to remain in competition. In this context, the horizon of management education is ever- uncertain due to the changing patterns in business relationships.

However, the fundamental principles and the time-tested values of management serve always as a guide to the evolution and growth of a successful business enterprise. In line with these facts, the BBA program at Pokhara College of Management (PCM) adopts a well balanced approach to inculcate in its students a strong theoretical concept of management and an intense realization of their practical application in real life.

Because of our undying focus in management and the collective, untiring efforts of our faculties, students, administrative staffs and guardians, PCM stands as one of the best colleges in Nepal for management. Our graduates who are equipped with the right attitude, skill and knowledge, have proved themselves in both academic and professional careers

I assure you that by entering PCM, you will secure a bright future ahead!

Once again,

Thank you and best wishes!

Prof. Tanka Nath Sharma
PhD Chairperson


A warm welcome to Pokhara College of Management (PCM)! By now, you have obviously verified that PCM is the best management college in pokhara with the best faculties of the city, teaming up with the enthusiastic and hardworking students for their bright career a head in management. Did you already identify PCM as a college of your choice?

That’s fine. It will be a great decision of your life. However, before joining PCM, you have to ask yourself some hard questions: Do you believe that innovative business ideas may evolve through lively discussions? Do you believe that adequate courage or confidence is necessary for any new idea implementation? Do you feel yourself comfortable to work in a team with diverse viewpoints and to move ahead with an acceptable solution for any problem? If your answer is “YES” to all these questions, you are qualified to be a PCM student since you are all set to be a good manager and a team builder in near future to run any organization, successfully.

Presentations, discussions team-works and brainstorming sessions for finding solutions to the real or impending business problems…. that is what we practice here, apart from the routine classes on some fundamental theories and calculations of Management. If you are a passive listener, who is merely able to memorize definitions for doing well in exams, you need to revise your strategy to become a PCM scholar. The choice is yours, ultimately! Please come and visit us if you need more information.

Dr. Chaitanya Raj Adhikari
Dear Students,

Welcome to PCM! Pokhara College of Management with its 17 years of academic excellence in management education has always strived to provide a broad- based management learning environment that makes a focus on the application of management theory to real world practices.

At PCM, students are not only equipped with management knowledge & skills but also encouraged to participate in various extra-curricular activities in order to develop their skills in communication, leadership and decision making.

Undoubtedly, we have good facilities, better teaching-learning environment and the best team of faculties for management education but it is also our students’ hard work, dedication & their bright achievement which proved crucial for us to stand ahead of others in the academia.

Mrs Leena Negi Shrestha
Dear Students,

As the BCSIT coordinator, I warmly welcome you to explore the realm of Computer Systems and Information Technology. In this tech-driven era, PCM is dedicated to your holistic growth—equipping you with technical expertise while fostering problem-solving, creativity, and adaptability.

I'm dedicated to ensuring your enriching journey at PCM. Together, we'll explore Business Computer Systems and IT intricacies, merging theory and practical. Empowering you for success in the evolving tech landscape is our goal. Embrace workshops, seminars, and leadership roles for growth. Your achievement is our shared triumph, and I'm here to guide you.

Your dedication drives our success. I'm proud of BCSIT achievements. My door is open for guidance and support. Let's create a transformative and memorable academic journey together.

Wishing you a fulfilling and inspiring academic year ahead!

Mr. Hari Prasad Baral

Welcome to Pokhara College of Management! As your BBA coordinator, I'm excited to guide your academic journey in Business Administration. Expect a diverse curriculum fostering knowledge, analytical thinking, leadership, and ethics. Embrace extracurriculars for holistic growth, preparing you for corporate challenges

As your coordinator, I am here to assist, guide, and support you in every endeavor. Feel free to reach out to me for academic advice, career guidance, or simply a friendly conversation. I look forward to witnessing your growth and achievements throughout your BBA journey. Let's collaborate to make your time at PCM truly remarkable

Mr. Manoj Shrestha