Pokhara college of Management (PCM) adopts a well balanced approach of strong theoretical concept and an intense practical realization.

Dr. Tanka Nath Sharma

Chairman, Pokhara College Of Management

What makes us different?

Dear Prospective Students,

Thank you for considering PCM as your choice. the revolutionary developments in the information technology in the last two decades have brought unprecedented changes in the business world. the world is coming closer, raising opportunities for greater market access and, in the meantime, posing challenges for being innovative in order to remain in competition. In this context, the horizon of management education is ever- uncertain due to the changing patterns in business relationships.

However, the fundamental principles and the time-tested values of management serve always as a guide to the evolution and growth of a successful business enterprise. In line with these facts, the BBA program at Pokhara college of Management (PCM) adopts a well balanced approach to inculcate in its students a strong theoretical concept of management and an intense realization of their practical application in real life.

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Join us for a bright career

Pokhara College Of Management has a great team, who believes quality and managed education is the need of the hour while the world around is transforming into common business arena.