Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The bachelor of business Administration (bbA) program of Pokhara university, which PCM follows, is designed to produce professional managers. The program provides students with sound conceptual foundation and practical skills in various areas of business. 

BBA is a four–year program spread over eight semesters. a student needs to complete 126 credit hours of course work, project work and internship to graduate. the language of instruction is English. Each course has a certain number of credit hours assigned to it. One lecture hour per week per semester is assigned one credit. a three credit hour course, for instance, has 48 class hours assigned to it.

BBA Program

The bachelor of business Administration (BBA) program of Pokhara university, which PCM follows, is designed to produce professional managers. The program provides students with sound conceptual foundation and practical skills in various areas of business. Specially, the program aims to:
• Prepare students to start professional career in business or public management at entry level managerial position.
• Inculcate positive attitudes, abilities, and practical skills that are essential for a socially responsible and competent manager.
• Develop adequate foundation for higher studies in management.

“Everyone gets immersed in the ditch of dilemma to pursue for the higher education after +2. Considering my interest and the future scope on management sector, i was pushed towards pokhara to join pcm for bba program. I found pcm to be highly indebted to their students rather than credited. The credit of my success goes to pcm. I am just a part of it. Pcm provided me scholarship facility, as well as friendly teaching environment of pcm. Well trained and experienced lecturers have contributed a lot to my success. Now, i have realized that pcm is not only in its name and fame but also it is a pioneer to make the student kiss their success. Today, i feel proud that i was the part of the college and i wish for its better future in every walk.”



CGPA: 3.99, Dean’s List 2073 , (Pokhara University Topper)

“The decision of joining PCM after +2 has been proven to be the right decision for me. Even after the several days of my 10+2 result , I was in dilemma for choosing the college for my bachelor studies. Most of the people recommended me to join PCM but I was still confused. And ultimately, I went to choose PCM for the completion of my further studies. Now, I feel very proud to be the member of PCM family and I will always try my level best to make it prouder.”


Samiksha Kumari Gupta (2012 Batch)

University Topper, SGPA 4 out of 4

Course Syllabus

ENG 101    English I – 3 Credit hours
MTH 101   Business Mathematics I – 3 Credit hours
ACC 121    Financial Accounting I – 3 Credit hours
MGT 111   Principles of Management – 3 Credit hours
MIS 101    Computer and IT Application- 3 Credit hours

ENG 102   English II – 3 Credit hours
MTH 102   Business Mathematics II – 3 Credit hours
ACC 122    Financial Accounting II – 3 Credit hours
PSY 101    General Psychology  – 3 Credit hours
ECO 101    Introductory Microeconomics – 3 Credit hours

ENG 201    Business Communication I  – 3 Credit hours
STT 101    Business Statistics – 3 Credit hours
FIN 131     Essentials of Finance – 3 Credit hours
SOC 101   Fundamentals of Sociology – 3 Credit hours
ECO 201   Introductory Macroeconomics – 3 Credit hours

ENG 202   Business Communication II – 3 Credit hours
STT 201    Data Analysis and Modeling – 3 Credit hours
MGT 211   Fundamentals of OB – 3 Credit hours
MKT 241   Principles of Marketing – 3 Credit hours
FIN 231     Financial Management – 3 Credit hours

ACC 221    Basics of Managerial Accounting – 3 Credit hours
RCH 311   Business Research Methods – 3 Credit hours
MGT 314   Management of Human Resources- 3 Credit
MGT 311   Fundamentals of Operations Management – 3 Credit hours
                   Concerntration I – 3 Credit hours

MIS 201   Introduction to MIS – 3 Credit hours
LAW 291   Legal Aspects of Business and Technology – 3 Credit hours
MGT 212   Business and Society – 3 Credit hours
PRJ 491     Project Work – 3 Credit hours
                    Concentration II – 3 Credit hours

MGT 411    Business Environment in Nepal – 3 Credit hours
MGT 312    Fundamentals Of Entrepreneurship – 3 Credit hour
INT 391      Internship – 3 Credit hours
                    Elective I – 3 Credit hours
                    Concentration III – 3 Credit hours

MGT 412    Strategic Management – 3 Credit hours
MGT 313    Introduction to International Business – 3 Credit hours
MIS 202      Essentials of E-Business – 3 Credit hours
                      Elective II – 3 Credit hours
                      Concentration IV – 3 Credit hours

Specialization Area Courses & Electives


1. taxation
2. auditing 
3. advanced Management accounting 
4. accounting Information System 
5. accounting reports and Financial Statement analysis
6. Special topics in accountin


1. consumer Behaviour
2. advertising and Sales Promotion 
3. Sales Management 
4. Retail Marketing 
5. Service Marketing 
6. Foreign trade management


1. corporate Finance 
2. Micro-finance
3. Investment Management
4. Bank Operations and Management
5. Risk Management and Insurance
6. Fundamentals of Financial Derivatives 
7. Financial Institutions and Markets

Human resource

1. Labour – Management Relations
2. contemporary Issues in hRM
3. compensation and Benefits Management 
4. Negotiation and conflict Management
5. Performance appraisal
6. human Resource Development

Small business and Entrepreneurship

1. Small Business Entrepreneurship 
2. Small Business Finance
3. Rural Marketing 
4. Retail Management 
5. Social Entrepreneurship
6. Venture Ideas and Models


(Any two courses from the following list) 
1. Society and Politics 
2. Econometrics 
3. Environmental and Ecology 
4. Media and Public Relations
5. Energy and Sustainable Development
6. technology for Development
7. Population Dynamics and Development challenges 
8. creative thinking and Problem Solving

Project work and Internship

1. Project Work
2. Internship

SGPA 4 out of 4after going through consecutive semesters, I have realized That it was my right decision To choose PCM for the BBA Course. I am really inspired From its professionally Sound team of faculty Members and efficient Management team. I feel that One can be highly benefitted From the supportive And conducive learning Environment of PCM. I am Really proud to be a member Of the PCM family .

Bhawana Parajuli (2008 Batch)

Nepal Biddhya Bhushan 2070


BBA students are required to undertake an internship program of 6-8 weeks at the end of sixth semester. The Student submits the internship report and disseminates to the faculty member. The primary goal of internship is to provide the student with an opportunity to work in real life situation and apply the theoretical concept learned.

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