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Pokhara College of Management  introduces its mission, values and objectives. Our mission is to identify, develop, and unveil the potential of future business leaders who will be able to define their own role, responsibilities and boundaries to grasp the opportunities of the dynamic new world and make this nation prosper economically.

Pokhara College of Management is a value-based organization: We promote discipline, sincerity, hard work, innovation and achievements of students as individual values whereas respect for diverse opinions, professionalism, fairness, transparency and team spirit are our organizational values. Continuous improvement in academic quality is our pursuit.

OUR Program

Bachelor of Computer Information System

The four-year Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS) program of Pokhara University assimilates Information Technology (IT) with Business Management - in order to address the emerging needs of today’s business world. The BCIS program at PCM, under Pokhara University, is designed to impart both theoretical foundation and practical skills in computer information system and IT.

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program of Pokhara University, which PCM follows, is designed to produce professional managers. The program provides students with sound conceptual foundation and practical skills in various areas of business.The BBA is a four-year program spread over eight semesters. A student needs to complete 126 credit hours of course work, project work and internship to graduate.


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Gyan Kendra


The students have easy and sufficient access (from 8 AM to 4 PM, six days a week) to ‘Gyan Kendra’ – The PCM Library. Students are allowed to withdraw three books at a time for the duration of 15 days. ‘Gyan Kendra’ is well stocked, well lighted and airy enough to support long arduous hours that students spend poring over a wide array of books & journals

Computer Lab

Computer Lab

The computer networks (50 online computers and Wi-fi (wireless internet within college premises for personal laptops) are also open for references, research and learning. To further the use of this facility and to maximize the efficiency of our students and faculty, we have recently lunched e-Library and Virtual class.

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KRISHNA BHANDARI CGPA: 3.99, Dean’s List 2073 , (Pokhara University Topper)
"Everyone gets immersed in the ditch of dilemma to pursue for the higher education after +2. Considering my interest and the future scope on management sector, i was pushed towards pokhara to join pcm for bba program. I found pcm to be highly indebted to their students rather than credited. The credit of my success goes to pcm. I am just a part of it. Pcm provided me scholarship facility, as well as friendly teaching environment of pcm. Well trained and experienced lecturers have contributed a lot to my success. Now, i have realized that pcm is not only in its name and fame but also it is a pioneer to make the student kiss their success. Today, i feel proud that i was the part of the college and i wish for its better future in every walk."
Sonie Rajbhandari
Sonie RajbhandariMiss Nepal International 2014
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“All our Dreams can come true, if we havethe courage, determination and hard-work to pursue them. My four years at PCM helped me to develop that distinctiveness in me.”
Bhawana Parajuli (2008 Batch)
Bhawana Parajuli (2008 Batch)Nepal Biddhya Bhushan 2070
SGPA 4 out of 4after going through consecutive semesters, I have realized That it was my right decision To choose PCM for the BBA Course. I am really inspired From its professionally Sound team of faculty Members and efficient Management team. I feel that One can be highly benefitted From the supportive And conducive learning Environment of PCM. I am Really proud to be a member Of the PCM family .
Samiksha Kumari Gupta (2012 Batch)
Samiksha Kumari Gupta (2012 Batch)University Topper, SGPA 4 out of 4
"The decision of joining PCM after +2 has been proven to be the right decision for me. Even after the several days of my 10+2 result , I was in dilemma for choosing the college for my bachelor studies. Most of the people recommended me to join PCM but I was still confused. And ultimately, I went to choose PCM for the completion of my further studies. Now, I feel very proud to be the member of PCM family and I will always try my level best to make it prouder."